Free WiFi at Padubidri Beach


So finally you have a well deserved holiday after a long tiring week. You are at the shores of Padubidri beach and you gaze across to the mighty expanse of the sea. You enjoy the peace and quietness of the place. What if you wanted to stream music from the internet on your phone to listen ? Or what if you wanted to click a selfie and post to Instagram ? Or even Snapchat with someone ? Or simply have a peaceful chat with your loved one to tell them all about the week ?

Well, introducing free WiFi on Padubidri Beach. Now you can do all of that and much more without bothering about data plans or mobile charges. Sit back and relax without any worries and still have your fingers on the pulse on the world. Stream seamlessly, play games or chat with your loved ones. Pamper yourself beside the waters of Arabian Sea on the cleanest and most well kept beach, now with free WiFi. This facility is made available to you everyday from 4pm to 6pm throughout this month.

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